One responsibility of owning a business is to make sure that your processes are streamlined.

If that’s the case, then why would you waste your own valuable time or staff resources doing tedious data entry, classification of transactions, and reconciliation? If you want your business to operate smoothly, then why would you outsource it to "virtual assistants" from other countries who aren't familiar with the vendors you pay, the types of transactions you engage in regularly, or even the language?

Let us handle the headaches.

Our team at Barefoot Accounting, PA, is entirely made up of US-based, English speaking, highly-competent people who are working from home while raising their own families. We are familiar with the popular small business accounting software packages, and we’ll take care of getting your transactions entered, classified, reconciled, and reported back to you on a weekly, monthly, or even a customized basis that best suits your needs. Most importantly, we will get to know you and your business over time, becoming a valuable part of your back office!