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Your numbers should be working for you...
not the other way around.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by your financials, you're not alone. Many individuals and business owners struggle to understand their financials. What do these numbers mean? What do they reveal about my business? How can I put these numbers to work for me?

At Barefoot Accounting, PA, we help individuals and business owners in the Jacksonville, Florida area make sense of their numbers to leverage the insights gained from them into growth and success that is achievable. Everything that happens in life – regardless if it’s personal or professional – will have a financial impact at some point. We’re here to remove the fear and provide a sense of comfort and understanding when it comes to the financial side of life.

Whether you're looking for someone to teach you how to use your financial information so you can handle things on your own, or you're looking for someone to take things off of your plate, we can tailor a solution that's a perfect fit.

Serving the Jacksonville, FL Area for over 20 Years!

What we do at Barefoot Accounting, PA...

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Our story

Life happens… and more often than not, these situations have a financial impact. Do you have someone you can trust to guide you?

Founded in 2002 by Jo Hagan, CPA, Barefoot Accounting, PA, is a small, professional, family-run accounting firm located in Jacksonville, Florida. For over 20 years, we have been helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses grow, understand their numbers, handle tax issues, and much more. At Barefoot Accounting, PA, we know first-hand the struggles people face when it comes to their financial information, and we have a great passion for helping people master what they need to know in order to be financially sound and successful!

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  • William Godfrey
    Short and sweet – if you want the job to be done right the first time, Jo Hagan, CPA is the person to see. I have recommended my daughter to her and work acquaintances as well. She is always available to answer questions, either by phone or email. I highly recommend Barefoot Accounting, PA!
    William Godfrey
    Florida Mobile Speedtesting
  • Mary Anne Eldreth
    I highly recommend Barefoot Accounting, PA, and have referred them to others. Jo Hagan, CPA, is professional and accountable along with being very personable. I feel fortunate to be one of her clients.
    Mary Anne Eldreth
    Mary Anne Eldreth Realty
  • Cat Black
    I highly recommend Barefoot Accounting, PA! I have been more than pleased with the service they have provided me and my business. Knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt!
    Cat Black
    Arcada Hair Salon
  • Shawn Pendry
    In 2010, Barefoot Accounting, PA, joined our brand new 501(c)3 organization “The LaVilla Foundation, Inc” to help a group of excited arts and culture individuals learn how to properly run the financial requirements needed to be successful. We have come to her for all our filing needs and financial questions every year since. She is patient in explaining. She is kind. She is extremely timely. This is a wonderful business and a blessing to our organization. Thank you, Barefoot Accounting, PA!
    Shawn Pendry
    LaVilla Foundation
  • Isabel Christiansen
    Excellent service! we most appreciate that she explain things to us in a very clear way without speaking over our heads or using terms we are not familiar with. She offers guidance without being judgmental. Very efficient and prompt service.
    Isabel Christiansen
    More than Ink
  • Aaron Canaday
    Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They're always prepared and up to date on current rules and regulations. I would definitely recommend them for personal or corporate use.
    Aaron Canaday
    More than Ink
  •  Garry Murphy
    Barefoot Accounting, PA, is an excellent accounting service. They are very thorough and efficient. They have been doing my taxes for years and never a disappointment. Always available if I have a question or concern and never had any problems with the IRS. I am a client forever.
    Garry Murphy
    Personal Client
  • Samantha Wallace
    Jo Hagan, CPA of Barefoot Accounting, PA is knowledgeable and so kind and teaching in her approach. No question is off the table for her to take the time to explain until you understand. She is always available and ready to make sure you are educated every step of the way. And if you just want full service and complete care, she is who you want. Focus your talents where they need to be instead of accounting issues, she is a trusted advisor that I could not survive without.
    Samantha Wallace
    Wallace Roofing
  • Lee McWilliams
    Great service..!!! Jo Hagan and Barefoot Accounting, PA goes above and beyond, over and over again.....
    Lee McWilliams
    LAM Builders LLC
  • Mark Scott
    Barefoot Accounting, PA, gives professional and honest service to clients. I have used their service for years and trust them completely. Integrity is the one word I'd use to describe Barefoot Accounting, PA.
    Mark Scott
    Florida Vocal Association
  • Amy Steverson
    Jo Hagan, CPA, and Barefoot Accounting, PA, has always been great with making sure that I have all of my documents needed for tax time, and communication is friendly with quick response. Thank you for such awesome service!
    Amy Steverson
    Amy's Growing Garden
  • Jeanne W.
    Jo Hagan, CPA, and her team at Barefoot Accounting, PA, have provided excellent accounting and tax-related services for both our personal and small businesses for over 12 years.
    Jeanne W.
    Personal Client
  • Alexander and Dyana Ojeda
    We have been working with Barefoot Accounting, PA for almost a decade now and we only have good things to say about their services. They’ve helped us clear up issues with the IRS, and their extensive knowledge of tax law has gotten us a maximum of our money back over the years. We’re very happy to continue to do business with Barefoot Accounting, PA, and share them with our friends!
    Alexander and Dyana Ojeda
    Alexander & Black Design
  • Joanne Hickox
    I've known Jo Hagan of Barefoot Accounting, PA through a business relationship for nearly a decade. Having worked in the accounting world for a short time, I know the value of a CPA who is personable, down-to-earth and speaks a language that laypeople can understand. I so appreciate that she takes the time to make sure everyone understands what the numbers mean. She's honest and caring, timely and hardworking but most of all, she's a real human being who at the end of the day likes to run her toes through the sand. Bless you Jo for all you do for so many!
    Joanne Hickox
    Seniors On A Mission, Inc.
  • Dolly Penland
    Always positive, professional, and practical advice and services. I highly recommend Barefoot Accounting, PA!
    Dolly Penland
    Business Results, LLC.
  • Charlotte Tzabari
    If I have any problem, big or small... she's there for me... she just adds a comfort level for me and I know I'm in good hands.
    Charlotte Tzabari
    Olive My Pickle